DPI Collection Vol. 16 (CD & Digital)

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Dallmayr – Coffee & Chill Vol. 2 – Balanced, aromatic and full of character.

Dallmayr - Coffee & Chill Volume 2 - Sampler

After the success of the first edition of Dallmayr – Coffee & Chill the second volume comes as natural as the first cup of coffee in the morning. The mixture has changed, but the quality remains the same: 12 first-class lounge titles as musical companion, full of atmosphere – day and night.

Some of the ingredients that can be found on the popular Volume 1 can be found in the mix of Coffee & Chill Vol. 2 as well. Chris Le Blanc, Roberto Sol, Florito, Mel T. Waters as well as Sunyata Project, already responsible for part of the relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere of Vol.1, return with brand-new tracks.

New additions are, amongst others, Ocean Deep feat. Rhonda Bellamy, who lay the groundwork for the relaxed tone of the compilation with the seductive opener Listen Up. Also making their debut in the Coffee & Chill series are Count To 9, Billie Holiday, Worldbeat feat. Miyabi and L’Art Mystique.

After all, finding the right mix is what is so important, and the artists present on this CD offer a soundscape as rich and varied as the world of coffee itself. Urban flavoured jazz can be found here just as well as smooth ethno elements, the familiar sounds of the world famous Balearic lounge music as well as the exotic modernity of Asia. A musical trip around the world that inspires the mind just as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee stimulates the senses. All this makes Coffee & Chill Dallmayr Lounge Music Vol.2 the right choice for lounge and coffee connoisseurs alike for the best soundscape you could imagine – from sundown to sunrise and until the very last sip.

100 percent worth listening to, 100 percent relaxing.

Dallmayr – Coffee & Chill Vol.2 – Karmaloft (LC-23412)

01.  Listen Up – Ocean Deep feat. Rhonda Bellamy
02.  Major Minor – Count To 9
03.  My Man (Remix) – Billie Holiday
04.  Healing – Chris Le Blanc feat. Deborah F. Harris
05.  Glass Reflections – Mel T. Waters
06.  Sudden Moments – Sunyata Project
07.  Sueno De Amor – Roberto Sol & Chris Le Blanc feat. Ines
08.  Sakura – Worldbeat feat. Miyabi
09.  So Awesome – Roberto Sol
10.  Futuro – Miss Luna feat. Ines
11.  Playback Rewind – Roberto Sol feat. Rana
12.  Beautiful Things – L’Art Mystique
Label: Karmaloft Music
Format: CD / Digital (2012)
Genre: Lounge/Chill-Out/Jazz
Shops (Digital): iTunes, Beatport and many more
Shops (CD): Amazon, Dallmayr, shopmusic

Coffee & Chill Website: http://www.coffee-chill.com/
Label Website: http://www.karmaloft.com
Label YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/karmaloft
Label MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/karmaloft
Label Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karmaloft-Music/119370508074150
Label Believedigital: http://karmaloftmusic.believeband.com/

Label SoundCloud:

Nu Jazz Grooves with Alice Russell, Pat Appleton, Blank & Jones, HP. Hoeger, Parov Stelar and more

DPI Collection Vol. 14 – Compiled by DJ Ralph Rosenbaum

DPI Collection Vol. 14

Lounge & Nu Jazz Grooves with Alice Russell, Pat Appleton, Blank & Jones, HP. Hoeger, Parov Stelar, A Reminiscent Drive, Smoma and more

01. Anna Luca – Desperately Trying
02. Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (featuring TM Juke)
03. A Reminiscent Drive – Ambrosia
04. Smoma – Give Me the Night (Chill Out Version)
05. Bajka – The Landing (Bebo Best Remix)
06. Blank & Jones – Pura Vida (Radio Mix)
07. chris vano & kathrin wagner – White Lounge
08. The Electric & DJ Vadim – I’m All In
09. Lene Riebau – It Feels Better
10. Smoma – Do It Again
11. Lemongrass – Bee (Sunflower Mix)
12. Can 7 – Taking It All Away
13. Parov Stelar – Wake Up Sister
14. HP. Hoeger & Cherlain Mikele ft. Reena Winters – You Are My Joy
15. Green Empathy – Touching Ground
16. Pat Appleton – What’s Next? (Iëlo Mix)
17. Jojo Effect feat. Reiner Winterschladen – Merveilleux (Wonderful Instrumental Edit)

Releasedate: 13.01.2012
Label: Peacelounge Recordings
Format: CD & Digital
Labelcode: 11784
Catalogue No: peal 063
EAN: 4260044591414
Distribution: AL!VE (D, A, CH + Export) Zebralution (digital)

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Peacelounge Recordings

Ibiza Spa Sessions Vol. 1 out now on Karmaloft Music


Ibiza Spa Sessions Vol. 1

HP. Hoeger & Cherlain Mikele feat. Reena Winters – You Are My Joy – Out 18th of August 2011

Cherlain Mikele

Heaps Music’s 30th release is a very special release by the Heaps main artist HP. Hoeger who is featured by Cherlain Mikele and Reena Winters.

Their collaboration ‘You Are My Joy’ is funky Downtempo sound with catchy and extraordinary vocals and some sweet French Hip Hop flavour. This will deeply touch your heart and your soul!

August, 04 2011 on Beatport
August, 18 2011 on all digital music major retailers

Heaps Website:

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Tears For Fears – Shout (Mrpotatohead007’s Mix)

Tears For Fears

Tears For Fears – Shout (Mrpotatohead007’s Mix)

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ROCKY BALBOA Sylvester Stallone


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