Paul Kalkbrenner – Sonar Festival Set 2013 [DJ-SET]


Paul Kalkbrenner Berlin Calling

Berlin techno star, Paul Kalkbrenner will headline the Lovebox Live stage on July 21 alongside Benoit and Sergio, Factory Floor and Miss Kittin. He last performed in the UK earlier this year with a sold-out show at the Roundhouse before playing Coachella, Hurricane and Southside. He recently headlined Sonar’s 20th Anniversary in Barcelona ahead of his LoveBox date. His new single Der Buhold is released on July 19th.

00min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Dockyard [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
06min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Since 77 [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
10min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Das Gezabel [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
16min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Kleines Bubu [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
22min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Bengang [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
27min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Jestrupp [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
35min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Torted [BPITCH CONTROL]
39min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Der Buhold [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
44min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Altes Kamuffel [BPITCH CONTROL]
51min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Der Stabsvrnern [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
57min – Michel Cleis feat. Toto La Momposina – La Mezcla (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) [STRICTLY]
64min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Ick Muss Aus Dit Milieu Heraus [BPITCH CONTROL]
68min – Paul Kalkbrenner feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky And Sand [BPITCH CONTROL]
81min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Aaron [BPITCH CONTROL]

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