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Threadlog is the fastest weblog for Electronic Dance Music. It features all about your favorite sound! Read here to apply for authorship: Become an author

Threadlog is one of the most successful Multi-Blogger-Sites on the internet. Many great authors from all over the world work together to realize this eclectic and outstanding mix of interesting and current features and posts about music, clubbing & lifestyle.

Take your chance to join the party and spread your news and thoughts in the fast and easy WordPress manner with an incredible powerfull blog. As Threadlog author you can share your links, videos, pics, press releases, downloads, streams and more to the best weblog for Electronic Music and automatically also to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Stumble Upon, MySpace, Linked In and most of all major Social Media Netwoks. Of course you have access to all the site statistics to have an eye on the visits, referrers, readers and all SEO tools.

Threadlog is powered by Oudia. If you want to become an author and aim to share your stories and posts on the unique House2Techno Network, contact Oudia and request to learn more about.
Call: 0049 341 26 33 30 95 – Email: – Web:

Thredlog and Beatbird are parts of the world’s biggest Social Media Network for Electronic Music. Visit:


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