Kramnik 1.0 EP – Viclone, Hyksos, Delaython & SwanTrack – Out now!





‘Kramnik 1.0’ EP (Viclone, Hyksos, Delaython, SwanTrack)

In stereotypical subtle yet spectacular style, Kramnik delivers his delicious three-track EP (plus a masterpiece bonus!). Sampling bagpipes, owls, real violins, real harmonicas and kettledrums which – if nothing else – shows off the immense innate talent of this rising DJ/producer, which has already been picked up by the world’s dance press.
Dark, haunting and spatial, ‘Viclone’ is a techno working out of kettledrums, real violins and the afore-mentioned owl. Gradual filter-passed percussion loops place emphasis on the airy backdrop, submersing the listener into gradual nocturnal hypnosis right until the final drop flashes back into the original groove.

‘Hyksos’ is the definitive confirmation of Kramnik’s unique, dark, musically rich and sophisticated style, which has gained the attention of the world-wide press. If the industry was waiting for a new progressive wonder, different to all the others and new to the open mind, it seems the eagle has finally landed.
Born out of 30 different CDs of bagpipes harvested from a trip to the Scottish Highlands, ‘Delaython’ generates a smooth, progressive sound. With bass heavy techno sounds grounding the bottom of the track out into fine dust, pushing a moody, introverted and solid sound with an organic feel that uplifts and permeates in equal measure. The thumping, rounded kick drum mixes with the ambient sounds to create this foreboding hybrid monster, easily enjoyed in many circumstances and opening up the creative and musical possibilities of electronic music into the atmosphere.
And finally, a one-minute classical masterpiece bonus by the name of ‘SwanTrack’. In case you had any doubts on the depth and talent of this artist, just listen to this short suspenseful soundtrack and you will see why he is different.
Even though not in the EP, ‘BPM Blues’ makes fierce use of a 1954 classic Howlin’ Wolf sample, a result quite unlike anything blues fans could have possibly dreamt up. Understated snippets of harmonica and vocals laid down by Kramnik himself, douse the track in wild western tones, all perfectly timed to a call and response groove.
‘Kramnik 1.0’ (Viclone, Hyksos, Delayathon, SwanTrack) will be released on CuePlay Records on April 1st 2011, with remixes from Hans Bouffmyhre, White Wall (Mike Wall & Franco Bianco), Marco Dassi, Skober (and several more top-notch producers) to be released on May 1st 2011. The EP (including ‘BPM Blues’!) can be heard right here:

‘Kramnik 1.0’ is being supported by Luciano, Paco Osuna, Oliver Detuschmann, Franco Bianco, Mikael Stravostrand, Chloe Harris, Luca Morris, Presslaboys, Soundspace, AntonBanks, Tsugi Mag, Ramiro Tejada, Mathew Craig, Jon Pierce, Sheik ‘n’ Beik, Tee Vegas, Flash Brothers, Tony Ryder, Gary Martin, Bastard Boys, Paul Lorraine, Klubbers FM, AMDJs Radio Show, Club Lounge Radio, 88.1 FM Connecticut, Ibiza Global Radio, Dance Radio Canada, Berlin FM, and many more.
For more information on CuePlay Records visit

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