Across Digital – Disarray (Vladimir Corbin’s Berlin Mitte Remix)

Across Digital – Disarray – The Remixes Pt.1
1. Across Digital – Disarray (Vladimir Corbin’s Berlin Mitte Remix)
2. Across Digital – Disarray (HP. Hoeger Remix)
3. Across Digital – Disarray (Supreme Sluts Remix)
4. Across Digital – Disarray (Peddy’s Doppelmumpf Remix)
5. Across Digital – Disarray (Full Vocal Mix)


Visit the official Heaps® website and get all news!


Visit the official Heaps® website and get all news!
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Heaps® is the independent House Music label from Germany. We present excellent pieces of all types and serve modern Tech and Electro House, groovy Deep and Filter tracks, driving Progressive House, smooth Downbeat and pure Chicago House.

All around the world there are musicians of the Heaps network – constantly working on new music – to make you move!
Heaps artists and remixers are located in Austria, Belgium, Brasil, California, Egypt, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, the UK and a lot of more parts of the world. Heaps Music was formed in October 2010 by Pepe Norman, who is the current CEO.

The current Heaps roster includes producers, musicians, remixers and singers like Across Digital, HP. Hoeger, Supreme Sluts, Paul Lomax, Benjamin Mark, Mehmet Akar, Eric Torsen, Frank Martiniq, Gianni Kosta, Hisham Kharma, Olaf Rubens, Extraverse, Rogerio Romao, Stereo Sushi, Sheyne, Vladimir Corbin, Paramind, Aries Aquarius, Cherlain Mikele, Marcus Vandell, Merlyn Martin and many more. Visit our artists page and get some pictures and links.

Heaps Music releases on all major digital download retailers such as iTunes, Beatport, Trackitdown, Juno, eMusic, DJdownload, etc. Get a list of Heaps Music retailers on the links page.



Kramnik – Invisible Radio Show 5 – July ’11 – LIVE


Kramnik – “Invisible Radio Show” – 5 – (July ’11) – LIVE

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Benjamin Mark presents Mental Case ‘The Remixes’ on Heaps Music

Heaps 027 - Benjamin Mark - Mental Case - The Remixes

Remixes by Extraverse, Supreme Sluts, Edlington and Olaf Rubens

01. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Extraverse Remix)
02. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Supreme Sluts Remix)
03. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Edlington Remix)
04. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Olaf Rubens Remix)
05. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Original Club Mix)

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