Benjamin Mark presents Mental Case ‘The Remixes’ on Heaps Music

Heaps 027 - Benjamin Mark - Mental Case - The Remixes

Remixes by Extraverse, Supreme Sluts, Edlington and Olaf Rubens

01. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Extraverse Remix)
02. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Supreme Sluts Remix)
03. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Edlington Remix)
04. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Olaf Rubens Remix)
05. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case (Original Club Mix)

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Laidback Luke feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Timebomb (Sheyne Remix)

Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Timebomb (Sheyne Remix)

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Extraverse – See You (Benjamin Mark Remix)

Extraverse – See You (Benjamin Mark Remix) –


Heaps Number 12 is See You by Extraverse and comes along with remixes by Heaps Main Artists Benjamin Mark and the Supreme Sluts. The EP is released exclusively with Beatport on 04th of April and is available in all Digital Music Download Shops including iTunes, Juno, Trackitdown, eMusic, DJdownload, etc. on April, 18th 2011.

Heaps 012 – Extraverse – See You EP
01. Extraverse – See You
02. Extraverse – See You (Benjamin Mark Remix)
03. Extraverse – See You (Supreme Sluts Remix)

April, 04 2011 with Beatport
April, 18 2011 with all digital music major retailers

Heaps Online:

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