Marco Carola – Live Set @ Blue Marlin, Dubai – March 2013 (Playlist)

Marco Carola

Marco Carola – LiveSet @ Blue Marlin (Dubai)

01: Ex Sound System – Where Is Cesco
02: Ali Efe Dinc – Playin (H2 Lounge Groove Remix)
03: Mobius Strum – Vivian Hit
04: ID?
05: Luca M, JUST2 – Another Earth (Fabian Argomedo Remix)
06: Matt Keyl – Choco Bump
07: Junior Gee – This Society
08: Frederico Locchi – Floor Up
09: Adam Shock – Krummbriesel (Yo Montero’s B-Afraid Remix)
10: Junior Gee – This Society
11: Mike Dunn, Youri Donatz & Bjorn Wolf – Iz Diz Houz
12: Sidney Charles – Fameless
13: Fabio Giannelli – Maintain (M.A.N.D.Y Remix)
14: Gerald Henderson – Columbo (D-Formation Remix)
15: ID?
16: Simone Burrini – Areas
17: Edgar De Ramon – We’ll See
18: Stone Owl – Chemtrails (Andy Toth Remix)
19: Paco Maroto – My Way
20: ID?
21: Time Richards, Arjun Vagale -Tonkatsu (Mladen Tomic Remix)
22: Will Monotone – My Own Thing
23: Romanthony – Let Me Show Your Love (Loquace re-edit) (UNRELEASED)
24: Marc Houle – Borrowed Gear
25: Luis Martinez – Yay Boy
26: Johann Smog – Up The Train (Victor Vera Remix)
27: Miguel Bastida – Granos De Arena
28: Power Cube (Veekats Selective Remix)
29: ID?
30: Oliver Gill – Bob

Some of the tracks need IDs. If you know it, please post in comments!


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Paul Kalkbrenner – Sonar Festival Set 2013 [DJ-SET]


Paul Kalkbrenner Berlin Calling

Berlin techno star, Paul Kalkbrenner will headline the Lovebox Live stage on July 21 alongside Benoit and Sergio, Factory Floor and Miss Kittin. He last performed in the UK earlier this year with a sold-out show at the Roundhouse before playing Coachella, Hurricane and Southside. He recently headlined Sonar’s 20th Anniversary in Barcelona ahead of his LoveBox date. His new single Der Buhold is released on July 19th.

00min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Dockyard [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
06min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Since 77 [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
10min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Das Gezabel [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
16min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Kleines Bubu [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
22min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Bengang [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
27min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Jestrupp [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
35min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Torted [BPITCH CONTROL]
39min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Der Buhold [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
44min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Altes Kamuffel [BPITCH CONTROL]
51min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Der Stabsvrnern [PAUL KALKBRENNER MUSIK]
57min – Michel Cleis feat. Toto La Momposina – La Mezcla (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) [STRICTLY]
64min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Ick Muss Aus Dit Milieu Heraus [BPITCH CONTROL]
68min – Paul Kalkbrenner feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky And Sand [BPITCH CONTROL]
81min – Paul Kalkbrenner – Aaron [BPITCH CONTROL]

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Richie Hawtin & Ricardo Villalobos @ Tresor Closing Party – Classic set

just taking pictures


Hawtin was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England, but moved when he was aged nine to LaSalle, Ontario, a suburb of Windsor, Ontario, and just across the river from Detroit, the birthplace of techno. His father worked as a robotics technician at General Motors, and was a fan of electronic music, introducing his son to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream at an early age. He has one brother, Matthew, who is a visual artist and ambient music DJ. Hawtin attended Sandwich Secondary High School in LaSalle. He began to DJ in clubs in Detroit at 17, and his early style was a mix of house music and techno.
With Canadian DJ John Acquaviva he formed the label Plus 8 in 1990 to release his own tracks under the name F.U.S.E. He spent part of 2002 and 2003 living in New York City, and has since moved to Berlin, Germany. He said, “I’d always wanted to move to Europe. I needed somewhere that was inspiring and where there were like-minded musicians and artists, somewhere you could still experiment with music and with life. Berlin is so liberal in so many different ways; there’s an amazing club scene, there’s a great development software tech scene, there are so many resources here.”